​Common Signs of Dyslexia:

  • Delay in speaking
  • Difficulty with rhyming words
  • Trouble learning the alphabet
  • Poor spelling
  • Avoidance or significant distress/frustration when asked to read
  • Frequent letter reversals (b and d)
  • Frequent word reversals (pit and tip)
  • Frequently "guesses" on words without sounding them out
  • Difficulty remembering what was read
  • Difficulty remembering simple sight words

Dyslexia Testing

When a child has difficulty with reading, parents or teachers may seek out testing services to determine the source of the problem.  Dyslexia testing is performed by a knowledgeable professional, such as a clinical psychologist, with significant experience in learning and the reading process. 

At North Florida Learning & Behavioral Health, a licensed clinical psychologist will meet with you and your child to determine if an evaluation is needed.  Several signs of dyslexia are often seen by adults that can be helpful in determining the need for dyslexia testing.  See the list above for more details on common signs of dyslexia. 

During a dyslexia evaluation, a clinical psychologist will usually gather information about development, family history, and school performance.  Dyslexia testing also includes assessment of areas such as intellectual functioning, academic achievement, reading fluency, reading comprehension, and phonological processing.  The age of your child will help determine specific tests that are used in the evaluation.  

*For Dyslexia testing in Jacksonville, FL contact us at (904)250-0088 or Drwinner@NFLBH.com.*